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Postdoctoral Researchers

If you are interested in a postdoctoral position or fellowship in association with the Goswami lab, please contact Prof. Goswami.  We have successfully obtained funding via the Marie Curie Actions, Daphne Jackson Trust, Leverhulme Trust, NERC, NSF, and ERC and are happy to develop projects in collaboration on a broad range of topics spanning macroevolution, evo-devo, and modularity. 

PhD Students 

The Natural History Museum is associated with several doctoral training programmes through NERC. Some of these programmes involve applying to a particular project (such as Imperial, Southampton, and Oxford) and others have students select a project after starting the programme (such as UCL, option 1 above).  Potential UK/EU doctoral students should apply via the London NERC DTP or one of the other NHM-related NERC DTPs. 

Students should also contact Prof. Goswami directly about potential projects and funding if they are not eligible for NERC funding.









Recent coverage of our work in the Guardian and Scientific American

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